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Sidewalk Magazine – Store Wars #dewstorewars contest

I am making vids for Drug Store for a contest called Store Wars #dewstorewars hosted on the Sidewalk Mag website, we have to submit 3, 15 second videos every day this week to represent Drug Store Skate Shop. Please visit the sidewalk page and like, share and #dewstorewars on the Drug Store videos, all of these things count as points, thanks

Milk Skateboards Promo Video 2012

This is the first Promo video for Milk Skateboards, 2012 Starring Charlie Munro, Harley Miller, Sam Hayter, Jasper Pegg, Justin Rawnsley and Fuller, made by Chris (Allcock) Saunders, filmed by me and him and Jake “Shunt” Martinelli, Alex “Hell Yeah Son” Diss, Joe Barrett and Luke Petty here are their youtube channels in the hyperlinks. Check em out !


Filmed over the last summer at a spot that now rests in peace under a new housing development like an Indian burial ground. This edit takes its theme from Twin Peaks, the Black Lodge was a place where evil spirits resided, it was also the White Lodge where good spirits shared the same space, that sums up Wimbledon perfectly, encompassing both good and bad, familiar and strange, skateboarding and smashing shit up !