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Filmed over the last summer at a spot that now rests in peace under a new housing development like an Indian burial ground. This edit takes its theme from Twin Peaks, the Black Lodge was a place where evil spirits resided, it was also the White Lodge where good spirits shared the same space, that sums up Wimbledon perfectly, encompassing both good and bad, familiar and strange, skateboarding and smashing shit up !



Check out this Rad edit from Paris featuring Steve Malet and a trick filmed by me, STOKED ! (Steves ollie up wallie out of street tranny) This project aims to show you whats skateable in the various areas of Paris, its all about the spots ! Good job Greg !

Structure pt14 – Chris Yeomans – Norwich skate video 2005

https://5eyesblog.wordpress.com/ Structure 14 – Chris Yeomans – Norwich skate video 2005 Produced & Directed / Filmed & Edited by Lewis Ross Music – De La Soul

Structure pt09 – Fuller and John – Norwich skate video 2005

Structure pt09 – Fuller and John Allinson – Norwich skate video 2005 http://www.milkskateboards.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/spex5eyes?feature=mhee

Music – Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain