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Sidewalk Magazine – Store Wars #dewstorewars contest

I am making vids for Drug Store for a contest called Store Wars #dewstorewars hosted on the Sidewalk Mag website, we have to submit 3, 15 second videos every day this week to represent Drug Store Skate Shop. Please visit the sidewalk page and like, share and #dewstorewars on the Drug Store videos, all of these things count as points, thanks

Sidewalk Mags Store Wars with Mountain Dew

Drug Store videos for the Sidewalk Store Wars in Association with Mountain Dew

Drug Store is a skate shop I make a lot of videos for, this week we have been making three 15 second clips a day for this contest on Sidewalkmag.com we have had a whole week of it and we are knackered now, hope you enjoy all these snippetts of life on a skateboard, I know I did !

store wars