#Viewfinder Video Magazine

#Viewfinder Video Magazine 1998 -2002


Back in the late 90s I was introduced to John Cattle and the world of #Viewfinder a group of skaters with cameras attempting to distill the UK skate scene into a VHS video every few months and get it to the shops, it usually took at least a year for a new issue to come out and they basically invented the need for the DVD, with the amount of bonus footage that came on after the credits had rolled, sometimes being longer and some may say better than the “main video” due to the random factor and hidden gems, pretty sure I wasn’t alone in wondering why some classic Tom Penny multi storey carpark footy found itself buried in the hours of bonus material ! Pre internet skateboarding ruled and this was one of only a few ways you might get to know what was happening around the country, besides going there and meeting the people themselves ooh and the # in #Viewfinder just meant hash. Sidewalk Mag have just released a round up of some of the highlights so check it out, here are mine too


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