Are skateboarders really to blame for Norwich war memorial damage?


The proposed byelaw to ban skateboarding in specific parts of Norwich city centre, UK, is the result of the Labour cabinet at the city council. This byelaw has cast skateboarders as villains who have damaged the war memorial but is this a claim that has any legitmacy? The link drawn by the cabinet is tenuous at best.

To the extent of WPW’s knowledge there has been no solid evidence presented by the cabinet that skateboarders have caused the damage to the steps of war memorial. People like Brenda Arthur, the council leader, have said that she has seen it taking place but anecdotal evidence is an unreliable mistress. WPW has never seen skateboarders damaging the war memorial. Who do you believe?

Perhaps most importantly, WPW has a legitmate concern as to how well the cabinet have been monitoring the upkeep of the war memorial in the past. This comes as…

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